Tuesday, August 7

Calling all Frogs!

Welcome frogs, to our 2007 BRR relay site. We're about one month away from the Blue Ridge Relay. We'll use this site to coordinate the activity leading up to the race.

Info Coming Shortly:
  • Logistics
  • Gear info
  • Leg Assignments & advice
  • Funkadelic Logo
  • Opportunities to help

- D


Team Little Guy said...

Hey guys ...

Thanks for the link love! Good luck with your training ... we'll be following your blog!

See you in a month!

Rick (my tummy hurts) Stroud said...

Fellow Frog Boilers...

I hope you guys are all looking as forward to this run as I am. I really think we have assembled a top notch team.

I think all of us are capable of doing a 43:00 10km which is about a 7:00 per mile pace. Some of you can do much better than that.

How about we get some people 'on the record' on how fast they think they can do their legs.

If Babe Ruth could point to center field and 'call his shot', how about you guys?

What do you say Stanek, just how fast can you do a 10 mile climb up Grandfather mountain? Anyone besides me think he can do it in 60 minutes even?

And what about Cliff 'Downhill' Corley. If you are on leg 32 which drops ONE THIRD of vertical mile, how much under 45 minute can you do that in?


Dean said...

I'll try to to the first leg in under 24 minutes.

- Dean