Thursday, August 16

12 Frogs a' Leaping.

We have our 12th frog. Jeff is ready to roll for Van one.

More info to follow... but consider him "Frog to be named later" in the pancake poll.


Rick S (my tummy hurts) said...

The perfect moniker for Jeff on the team... with apologizes to Clint Eastwood from his Spaghetti Western days, Jeff can be 'The Frog with No Name'. Anyone got an image of a frog they can photo shop on top a shot of Clint in that green/gray poncho with the zigzag on it thrown over one shoulder? That is so Jeff can quick draw his water bottle !!

Man With No Name - Image

Dean said...

Nice one.

I have a decent name for runner 11. I'll save it for an upcoming post.

- Dean