Tuesday, August 21

Always read the fine print

The BRR has a new requirement this year. Each team must come up with two volunteers for the race or pay a fee of $20 per runner (tax deductible). That's a lot of scratch for a 12 person team, so we've been busting our brains to find volunteers.

This is a time-sensitive, high priority request. If you know of anyone who would like to check-in runners and encourage them/answer questions at a BRR exchange zone, then pass this note on.

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for the BRR:

Really swell things will be said about you on blogs of all sorts.

Because when we pass the "Blue Mountain Oysters" this year, we'll cry, "REMEMBER THE PACEMAKERS!" to honor last year's team (lost to the Oysters by 15 min). We may even add flowery modifiers to this hearty exclamation. Not sure yet.

If you volunteer, We'll tell you what our team name really means.

You'll have a chance to personally ask the guy who's running the whole 208 miles by himself what in the name of George and Martha Washington is wrong with the wiring of his cerebral cortex.

Because the Godfather must always honor any request on the wedding day of his daughter. Okay, just go with it. It was a fine film, and I'm sure someone in Sicily is getting married on the 7th or 8th.

Volunteering is good for your soul, the running community, society at large, and quite frankly, our wallets.

It's a great resumé booster for those pesky Ivy League applications.

Celebrate the 144th anniversary of the second battle of the Sabine Pass (Texas, 09/08/1863) in style.

Immensely enjoy lying to runners, saying that they "look great," are "finishing strongly," or are "kicking butt."

Just think; we'll owe you one.

- Dean

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