Wednesday, August 22

We Go at Eleven.

This just in: Our start time for the Blue Ridge Relay will be 11:00am on Friday.

We'll probably get to the park in enough time to see a few other teams set out. Should be a nice primer for our departure.

Roughly speaking, runners 3-5 may very well have 2 night legs apiece. everyone else should have one night leg.

- D


Rick S (my tummy hurts) said...

Dean, any idea where this places us with regards to the other teams? How many in front of us and how many breathing down our jocks behind us?

And what predicted finishing time did you have to tell them to get us starting at 11:00 ?


Dean said...

We should still be "seeded" about 5th for the relay. In our opinion, 12:30 would have been a tough placement for us. But neither could we fit well in the 10:00 group. 11:00am is a solid compromise.

There is also another team that will move to the 11:00 spot (up from an earlier spot) based on their revised race projections. This means we'll likely start with only one other team.

We've projected our overall pace to be in the neighborhood of 7:30 for the whole relay. This puts us at about 26 hours for the race and gets us to the finish at about 1pm on Saturday.

If we ran this pace *last* year, we'd have finished third, or possibly even second. This year, the field has more strength at the top.


- D

Kirk said...

I tell you what ... you definitely win the best-designed site award. Kudos!

See you at the relay!
-- Team Road Biscuit